Karachi To Multan: Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Timings And Routes For 2023

Karachi To Multan Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Timings And Routes For 2023
Karachi To Multan Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Timings And Routes For 2023

Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Timings And Routes For 2023: The Bahauddin Zakaria Express, a well-known passenger train, offers daily services between Karachi and Multan. According to Pakistan Railways, this comprehensive guide provides you with the latest details about the train’s timetable and all its stops, effective June 1, 2023.

Bahauddin Zakaria Express Route

The Bahauddin Zakaria Express journeys through key Pakistani cities and towns, bridging the distance between Multan and Karachi. This train route includes stops at Hyderabad, Tando Adam, Rohri, Ghotki, Sadikabad, R.Y Khan, Liaqatpur, Dera Nawab Sahib, Bahawalpur, Lodhran, and Shujabad. The train service designated by Pakistan Railways as 25 Up runs from Karachi to Multan, while the 26 Down service operates the return route from Multan to Karachi.

Bahauddin Zakaria Train Duration

The journey spans an impressive 934 kilometers, which the Bahauddin Zakaria Express manages to cover in approximately 16 hours. This train makes 27 stops in each direction, ensuring connectivity and convenience for passengers across a wide geographical area.

Train Composition

The Bahauddin Zakaria Express is designed to provide comfort with a choice of Economy and AC Business classes, ensuring a satisfying journey for its passengers.

Please Check the Official Website of Pakistan Railway  To be Confirmed Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Timings

Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Timings / Schedule Table View

Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Timings Karachi To Multan (25 Up)

Karachi CityStart18:30
Karachi Cant18:4018:50
Drig Road19:0619:08
Landhi Jn19:2819:30
Kotri Jn21:2621:28
Hyderabad Jn21:4522:00
Tando Adam22:4622:48
Nawabshah Jn23:3723:39
Mahrabpur Jn00:5200:54
Rohri Jn02:3503:00
Rahim Yar Khan05:2605:28
Khanpur Jn06:2006:25
Dera Nawab Sahib07:3907:41
Samasata Jn08:2608:28
Lodhran Jn09:0409:06
Zarif Shaheed09:4709:49
Multan Cant10:45End

Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Timings Multan To Karachi (26 Down)

Multan CantStart16:00
Zarif Shaheed16:4616:48
Lodhran Jn17:2317:25
Samasata Jn18:0318:05
Dera Nawab Sahib18:4118:43
Khanpur Jn19:5520:00
Rahim Yar Khan20:3220:34
Rohri Jn23:1323:15
Mahrabpur Jn00:4600:48
Nawabshah Jn02:1302:15
Tando Adam Jn03:4603:48
Hyderabad Jn04:2504:35
Kotri Jn04:5004:52
Landhi Jn06:3606:38
Drig Road07:0307:05
Karachi Cant07:3007:45
Karachi City08:00End

Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Timings (FAQs)

1. How many stops does the Bahauddin Zakaria Express make?

The Bahauddin Zakaria Express makes 27 stops in both directions.

2. What is the total travel time of the Bahauddin Zakaria Express?

The train takes approximately 16 hours to complete its journey from Karachi to Multan and vice versa.

3. What are the different classes available on the Bahauddin Zakaria Express?

The Bahauddin Zakaria Express offers Economy and AC Business classes to its passengers.

4. When did the new timetable for the Bahauddin Zakaria Express become effective?

The latest timetable for the Bahauddin Zakaria Express took effect on June 1, 2023.

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