BankIslami Announces ‘Graduate Trainee Program’ for Fresh Graduates of Pakistan

BankIslami Announces ‘Graduate Trainee Program’ for Fresh Graduates of Pakistan
BankIslami Announces ‘Graduate Trainee Program’ for Fresh Graduates of Pakistan

BankIslami Pakistan Limited, a top Islamic Bank in Pakistan, is inviting fresh IT graduates to be part of its Graduate Trainee Program. This program aims to cultivate young minds and prepare them to be future leaders. This unique 2-year program is based in Karachi’s bank’s Head Office.

Features of the Graduate Trainee Program

This program comes with numerous perks, which include

  1. Guaranteed Job: Successful candidates will be granted a stable position within the bank.
  2. Car and Home Financing: BankIslami allows its employees to avail of car and home loans as per bank policy.
  3. Shuttle Service: Employees are provided with transport services by the bank.
  4. Salary Security: Bank Islami presents a pay continuation plan to ensure financial stability.
  5. Competitive Pay: Trainees are paid a highly competitive salary.
  6. Health and Life Benefits: The bank covers comprehensive health benefits for trainees, dependents, and parents. Life Takaful is also part of the package.
  7. Safe Work Environment: Bank Islami promotes a safe and encouraging work atmosphere.

Who Can Apply?

To be eligible for the Graduate Trainee Program, candidates must meet the following conditions:

  1. Education: Candidates must have completed at least 16 years of IT or Computer Science education.
  2. Experience: Fresh graduates, or those with up to 2 years of experience in any field, are welcome to apply.
  3. Age Limit: Candidates must be 29 years at most as of 31st August 2023. Hafiz-e-Quran candidates get one-year age relaxation.

How to Join the Program

If you’re interested in applying, here are the steps you should take:

  1. Send Your Resume: Submit your resume to [email protected]. Use ‘GTO IT’ as your email subject.
  2. Program Location: The program takes place in the Head Office located in Karachi.

What Happens After You Apply?

Candidates who meet the criteria will be shortlisted and invited for an assessment, followed by interviews with a panel to decide the best fit for the program.

The Graduate Trainee Program by BankIslami is a splendid opportunity for budding IT graduates to initiate their careers in one of Pakistan’s premier Islamic banks. Take advantage of this chance to learn and grow in a professional environment!

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