FESCO Complaint: Dealing with Electricity Supply Issues

FESCO Complaint Dealing with Electricity Supply Issues
FESCO Complaint Dealing with Electricity Supply Issues

Electricity is an essential utility that powers our homes, businesses, and industries. However, sometimes we encounter issues with the electricity supply that disrupt our daily routines. One common problem many consumers face is related to the Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) in Pakistan. This article will delve into various aspects of FESCO complaints, understanding the common problems, finding solutions, and addressing frequently asked questions to help you deal with electricity-related issues more effectively.

FESCO Complaint: Understanding the Common Issues

When it comes to FESCO complaints, consumers often face various issues that impact their daily lives. Here are some of the most common problems mentioned on findanybill fesco website:

1. Power Outages: The Frequent Disruption

One of the primary issues faced by FESCO customers is frequent power outages. These outages can occur for various reasons, such as equipment failure, load shedding, maintenance work, or faults in the electricity distribution system. Such interruptions can lead to inconvenience, especially during extreme weather conditions.

2. Voltage Fluctuations: The Unstable Power Supply

Voltage fluctuations are another primary concern for FESCO customers. Sudden spikes or drops in voltage can damage electrical appliances and equipment, resulting in additional expenses for repairs or replacements. It’s crucial to address this issue to protect your valuable electronic devices.

3. Billing Errors: The Inaccurate Charges

Billing errors are common with utility companies, and FESCO is no exception. Customers may receive inflated bills, incorrect meter readings, or discrepancies in billing calculations. These issues can cause frustration and financial stress, necessitating swift resolution.

4. New Connection Delays: The Waiting Game

Obtaining a new electricity connection from FESCO can be lengthy, involving bureaucratic procedures and approvals. Customers may experience significant delays in getting new links, hindering construction projects and business operations.

5. Meter Issues: The Faulty Devices

Faulty or malfunctioning meters can lead to inaccurate consumption readings, affecting the billing and causing disputes between consumers and FESCO. Addressing meter-related problems promptly is crucial to ensure fair and accurate billing.

6. Customer Service: The Communication Gap

Lack of effective communication and responsiveness from FESCO’s customer service can significantly frustrate consumers. Prompt and efficient customer support is vital to address complaints and resolve issues effectively.

7. Electricity Theft: The Illicit Practices

Electricity theft is a prevalent issue that impacts FESCO’s revenue and, consequently, the quality of service provided to legitimate customers. Addressing and preventing electricity theft ensures fair distribution and reduces power outages.

8. Technical Faults: The Infrastructure Challenges

Technical faults in the electricity distribution network can cause power disruptions and voltage fluctuations. Identifying and repairing these faults promptly is crucial to maintain a reliable power supply.

9. Overloading: The Strain on the System

During peak hours, the electricity grid may experience overloading due to excessive demand. Overloading can lead to power outages and voltage fluctuations. Managing peak loads is essential to ensure a stable power supply.

10. Power Quality: The Consistency and Reliability

Customers expect consistent and reliable power quality from FESCO. Any deviations from the standard can lead to damage to sensitive electronic equipment and inconvenience to consumers.

Solutions for FESCO Complaints

While facing electricity-related issues can be frustrating, several ways exist to address and resolve FESCO complaints. Here are some practical solutions:

1. Register Complaints Online: Convenience at Your Fingertips

FESCO provides an online complaint registration system that allows customers to lodge complaints easily. Use their official website or mobile app to register your complaint and receive a complaint number for tracking purposes.

2. Contact FESCO Helpline: Seek Immediate Assistance

Contact FESCO’s helpline to speak with a customer service representative for urgent matters. They can guide you on immediate actions or escalate your complaint for faster resolution.

3. Verify Meter Readings: Ensure Accuracy

If you suspect an error in your electricity bill, verify the meter readings and cross-check them with the billed units. In case of discrepancies, report the issue to FESCO for correction.

4. Install Voltage Stabilizers: Protect Your Appliances

To safeguard your electrical appliances from voltage fluctuations, consider installing voltage stabilizers. These devices help maintain a stable voltage supply to your equipment.

5. Opt for Smart Meters: Track Your Consumption

Consider upgrading to smart meters that provide real-time consumption data. Smart meters enable you to monitor your electricity usage closely and detect any irregularities promptly.

6. Report Electricity Theft: Contribute to Fair Distribution

If you suspect electricity theft in your area, report it to the authorities or FESCO. By doing so, you play a role in ensuring fair distribution and better service.

7. Follow Energy Conservation Practices: Reduce Overloading

Adopt energy conservation practices, such as turning off unnecessary lights and appliances, to reduce the strain on the electricity grid during peak hours.

8. Stay Informed: Be Aware of Scheduled Maintenance

Stay informed about scheduled maintenance and load shedding through FESCO’s announcements or website. Plan your activities accordingly to minimize inconvenience.

9. Engage in Dialogue: Communicate with FESCO

In case of disputes or unresolved issues, engage in constructive dialogue with FESCO’s customer service. Clear communication can lead to faster resolutions.

10. Collaborate with the Community: Promote Electricity Ethics

Encourage your community to promote ethical electricity practices, discourage theft, and cooperate in maintaining a stable power supply.

Frequently Asked Questions About FESCO Complaints

  1. How do I lodge a complaint with FESCO?

    You can conveniently register your complaint on FESCO’s website or mobile app and receive a complaint number for tracking.

  2. My electricity bill seems unusually high. What should I do?

    Verify the meter readings and cross-check them with the billed units. Report any discrepancies to FESCO for correction.

  3. Can I protect my appliances from voltage fluctuations?

    Consider installing voltage stabilizers to safeguard your appliances from sudden voltage spikes or drops.

  4. What are the benefits of upgrading to a smart meter?

    Smart meters provide real-time consumption data, enabling you to monitor your electricity usage closely and detect irregularities.

  5. How can I report electricity theft in my area?

    Report electricity theft to the authorities or FESCO to contribute to fair distribution and better service.

  6. How can I reduce overloading during peak hours?

    Practice energy conservation by turning off unnecessary lights and appliances, reducing the strain on the electricity grid.


Dealing with FESCO complaints requires proactive engagement, effective communication, and awareness of the available solutions. By understanding the common issues, adopting energy-efficient practices, and seeking assistance through official channels, consumers can resolve electricity-related problems efficiently. Remember to report any irregularities promptly and collaborate with the community to promote ethical electricity practices. Together, we can contribute to a stable power supply and improved services from FESCO.

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