Here’s How You Can File Income Tax Return Online

Here’s How You Can File Income Tax Return Online
Here’s How You Can File Income Tax Return Online

How You Can File Income Tax Return Online: It’s now easier than ever for taxpayers to file their annual returns, with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) introducing an online system for tax submissions. The deadline for submitting your income tax return is set for September 30th.

You no longer need to rely on lawyers to complete this task. You only need to prepare certain details and documents, and you can file your return from your home computer.

For those of you who earn a regular salary, the information you need to gather includes a certificate of your salary, any profit details from different sources such as your bank account or dividends, and an estimated record of your expenses.

With these details, as a salaried individual, you can quickly file your tax returns in just a few minutes either through the FBR’s official website or via the Tax Asan App.

All you need to do is visit the FBR website, find the Income Tax section, access the IRIS portal, and log in. With various categories available for tax return submissions, the process has been streamlined to be as simple as possible.

Upon completing the online process, taxpayers can download an online challan directly from the portal. Then, you can visit your nearest bank to pay any tax due. The entire process is designed to make tax submissions a breeze for everyone.

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