I will Accept Whatever Leadership Decides For Caretaker Prime Minister: Ishaq Dar

I will Accept Whatever Leadership Decides For Caretaker Prime Minister Ishaq Dar
I will Accept Whatever Leadership Decides For Caretaker Prime Minister Ishaq Dar

In an exclusive interview on Samaa TV’s ‘Red Line with Talat,’ Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar conveyed his stance on various topics. He highlighted the responsibility of the Election Commission to ensure clean and transparent elections. He affirmed his readiness to accept any decisions the leadership takes as the caretaker Prime Minister.

He addressed rumors surrounding his statements regarding the caretaker prime minister, dismissing them as fabricated and expressing surprise at the reactions. He clarified that any discussions on the subject were premature and that the PDM and the coalition would determine the caretaker prime minister.

On governance, he projected difficulties for Pakistan in the coming nine months. He argued against any suspension of governance for 3–4 months and suggested that the caretaker government should be empowered further to avoid being operated from abroad. He also hinted at the financial implications of dissolving two assemblies and suggested extending the government’s tenure to 90 days from the current 60.

He expressed his discontent over the falling value of the rupee, citing the previous government’s 20 billion-dollar loans as the cause. Noting the current exchange rate of 244 rupees to a dollar, he insisted that the dollar’s value should revert to 244.

As for the future of leadership, he expressed confidence in Nawaz Sharif, predicting a strong return for him in the elections. He suggested that Shehbaz Sharif should join Nawaz Sharif’s team at the center but didn’t comment on the roles of Hamza or Maryam in Punjab.

He believed they were responsible for the economic turmoil in the aftermath of PTI and those supporting it. He stated that the 5-year disqualification for Nawaz Sharif and Jahangir Tareen had ended and projected a triumphant return for Nawaz Sharif in the elections.

Dar credited the growth of Pakistan, the 24th largest economy, to the leadership of Nawaz Sharif. He emphasized the country’s need for Nawaz Sharif’s leadership and his prediction of Nawaz Sharif becoming a candidate for the Prime Ministership for the fourth time. He recommended that Shehbaz Sharif remain part of Nawaz Sharif’s team at the center.

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