Jazz Facebook Packages 2023 Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Jazz Facebook Packages 2023 Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Jazz Facebook Packages 2023 Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Jazz Facebook Packages 2023 – Explore Affordable Social Media Offers Presenting the ultimate Jazz Facebook Packages for 2023, providing unparalleled access to Facebook at reasonable rates via 3G / 4G for prepaid users. Whether you need an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly package, our offers are designed to suit all your social media needs, facilitated by high-speed 4G and LTE connectivity.

This comprehensive guide outlines Jazz’s daily, weekly, and monthly Facebook Packages with detailed pricing information. It’s your one-stop guide to getting the most out of your Facebook experience, brought to you by the renowned telecom platform, Apna4G.

In our increasingly digital world, Facebook is a key player that commands the attention of younger demographics. With new features being added regularly, Facebook has never been more engaging.

Jazz Facebook Packages 2023: 

Your Guide to Great Value Social Media This guide compiles the latest Facebook Packages, detailing their pricing, validity, incentives, and MBs + Minutes for daily, monthly, and weekly periods.

The FB (Facebook) packages to consider are

  • 1-Day Social Pack
  • 7-Days Social Pack
  • 30-Days Social Pack

Below are the detailed specifics of each package as featured on the Apna4G page, for the convenience of prepaid Jazz users.

Jazz Facebook Daily Package

Experience the thrill of non-stop social media with the Jazz Daily Youtube & Social Package for only Rs 23. As a prepaid offer, you gain 1.5GB (1500 MBs) for 24 hours. To activate this offer, dial *968#.

Package NameDaily Social
Data Allowance1.5GB
Validity1 Day
PriceRs 23
Subscription Code*968#
IVR SubscriptionDial 3111 > 1 > 2

Jazz Facebook Weekly Package

The Weekly Youtube & Social Offer gives you 5GB for Facebook at a mere Rs 138. Use the activation code *660# to enjoy a full week of unhindered Facebook access.

Package NameWeekly Social
Data Allowance5GB
Validity7 Days
PriceRs 138
Subscription Code*660#
Unsubscribe Code6604#

Jazz Facebook Monthly Package

The 30 days Social Package offers 7GB of Facebook data for just Rs 148. Dial *661# to stay connected for a month, making the most of your social media experience.

Package NameMonthly Social
Data Allowance7GB
Validity30 Days
PriceRs 148
Subscription Code*661#
Unsubscribe Code6614#
Note: Besides 7GB of data, the monthly offer includes 12,000 SMS.

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Monitoring Your Jazz Facebook Packages Monitor your data consumption by appending *2# to your package’s activation code (daily, weekly, monthly). For instance:

  • Daily Package Monitoring Code: 9682#
  • Weekly Package Monitoring Code: 6602#
  • Monthly Package Monitoring Code: 6612#

Use the Jazz World App to effortlessly track the remaining data (MBs) for your Facebook packages.


  1. How do I activate the Jazz Facebook Daily Package?

    Dial *968# to activate the Jazz Daily Youtube & Social Package.

  2. How much does the Jazz Facebook Weekly Package cost?

    The Jazz Facebook Weekly Package costs Rs 138.

  3. What is included in the Jazz Facebook Monthly Package?

    The Jazz Facebook Monthly Package includes 7GB of data for Facebook and 12,000 SMS.

  4. How can I check the remaining data for my Facebook package?

    You can check the remaining data by appending *2# to your package’s activation code, for example, 9682#, for the daily package.

Final Word

Final Words from Startuppoint.Com.Pk If you’re a user of the latest Jazz 4G (LTE) SIM card, rejoice! Our newest Facebook Packages offer double the internet speed on social media packages, thanks to our LTE coverage. So, choose a package from the list above and elevate your Facebook experience today.

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