Karachi To Lahore: Karakoram Express Train Timings And Routes For 2023

Karachi To Lahore Karakoram Express Train Timings And Routes For 2023
Karachi To Lahore Karakoram Express Train Timings And Routes For 2023

Karakoram Express Train Timings And Routes For 2023: The Karakoram Express is one of Pakistan’s most reliable and fastest trains, operating daily between the two major cities – Lahore and Karachi. This comprehensive guide will provide the latest details about the Karakoram Express train timings, stops, and everything you need to know.

Karakoram Express Routes

Regarded as a premier Pakistani train, the Karakoram Express gracefully traverses the main line connecting Lahore and Karachi. This epic journey covers 1241 kilometers and is completed in roughly 17 hours and 30 minutes. It makes seven intermediate stops en route, passing through Hyderabad Rohri, Khanewal, and Faisalabad. Train number 41 indicates the Karachi to Lahore route, while train number 42 represents the return journey.

Latest Timetable Effective from April 15, 2023

The summer timetable for the Karakoram Express has been effective from April 15, 2023. It has been meticulously designed to ensure passengers reach their destinations timely. This timetable is strictly adhered to, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the train service.

Journey with Economy and AC Business Classes

The Karakoram Express boasts both Economy and AC Business classes. Each class provides a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience, catering to various passenger needs and budget constraints.

Please Check the Official Website of Pakistan Railway  To be Confirmed Karakoram Express Train Timings

Karakoram Express Train Timings / Schedule Table View

Karakoram Express Train Timings Karachi To Lahore (41 Up)

Karachi CantStart03:00 P.M
Hyderabad Jn05:15 P.M05:20 P.M
Rohri Jn09:20 P.M09:45 P.M
Bahawalpur02:07 A.M02:09 A.M
Khanewal03:40 A.M04:00 A.M
Toba Tek Singh05:10 A.M05:12 A.M
Faisalabad06:15 A.M06:20 A.M
Lahore Jn08:35 A.MEnd

Karakoram Express Train Timings Lahore To Karachi (42 Down)

Lahore JnStart03:00 P.M
Faisalabad05:00 P.M05:05 P.M
T.T Singh05:55 P.M05:57 P.M
Khanewal07:20 P.M07:40 P.M
Bahawalpur09:12 P.M09:14 P.M
Rohri Jn01:45 A.M02:10 A.M
Hyderabad Jn06:30 A.M06:35 A.M
Landhi08:21 A.M08:23 A.M
Drigh Road08:53 A.M08:55 A.M
Karachi Cant09:20 A.MEnd

FAQs About Karakoram Express

  1. What is the travel duration between Lahore and Karachi on the Karakoram Express?

    The Karakoram Express covers the distance of 1241 kilometers between Lahore and Karachi in about 17 hours and 30 minutes.

  2. How many stops does the Karakoram Express make?

    The Karakoram Express makes seven stops on its journey in either direction.

  3. What are the class options available on the Karakoram Express?

    The Karakoram Express offers both Economy and AC Business classes for passengers.

  4. What is the latest effective timetable for the Karakoram Express?

    The latest timetable for the Karakoram Express took effect on April 15, 2023.

Final Thoughts

The Karakoram Express is a vital connection between Lahore and Karachi, ensuring fast, reliable, and comfortable travel. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the Karakoram Express guarantees a smooth journey filled with scenic views of Pakistan’s diverse landscapes. Check the latest timetable and plan your trip to enjoy this unforgettable experience.

Please note that due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, all passengers are expected to comply with the safety guidelines provided by Pakistan Railway for a safe journey.

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