TikTok Introduces New Text Feature to Compete with Twitter

TikTok Introduces New Text Feature to Compete with Twitter
TikTok Introduces New Text Feature to Compete with Twitter

TikTok has recently unveiled a new feature that lets users pen lengthier text updates in a move that echoes Twitter’s Fleets and Meta’s Threads. Now, the platform enables users to share their narratives more deeply by permitting up to 1,000 text characters. Alongside these expanded text updates, users can include sound and location markers, and as usual, their posts can garner comments and shares just like image and video content does.

This innovation is another instance of social media platforms drawing inspiration from each other’s successful features to woo more users and maintain a competitive edge. Meta’s Threads, for example, was rapidly embraced by users, leading Twitter to adjust the number of daily posts allowed for non-subscribers.
This trend of mirroring features isn’t restricted to just the tech giants.

Smaller social media apps are following the same playbook in an attempt to vie with the heavyweights like Twitter. Copying or adapting popular features is a well-trodden path to remain significant and in sync with user preferences. Case in point, Instagram rolled out its Stories feature, closely resembling Snapchat’s concept, and both Instagram and YouTube launched their versions of TikTok-style content in the form of Reels and Shorts, respectively.

As the race among social media behemoths intensifies, users can anticipate more enhancements and fresh concepts to keep them engrossed and actively participating on these platforms.

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