Tips for Communication in Pakistan’s Mountains

Tips for Communication in Pakistan’s Mountains
Tips for Communication in Pakistan’s Mountains

Tips for Communication in Pakistan’s Mountains: Are we exploring remote areas of Pakistan? How do you connect with loved ones or share your travel stories online? No worries! Based on personal experiences, we bring you top tips for effective communication in Pakistan’s off-the-beaten-path locations.

Occasional Contact

A Pre-Paid Telenor SIM card (limited access to reception)

If you only need to use your phone now and then, get a Telenor pre-paid SIM card in Islamabad before you start your mountain journey. Telenor, a local telecom company, offers SIM cards that can be used in any unlocked smartphone. Depending on the cell reception, this will give you call and data functionality.

B Buy plenty of recharge cards

Ensure you have enough recharge cards (Rs500 or Rs1000) to last throughout your trip. If you plan on heavy data usage, buy extra cards.

C Be aware that reception will not always be available

Your smartphone will only work where there’s cell reception. There may be no reception when trekking in isolated areas or many mountainous regions.

Constant Contact (24/7)

A: Purchase or Rent a satellite phone

For those who want to stay connected round-the-clock, consider buying or renting a satellite phone. Thuraya phones, known for good coverage in Pakistan, are a good option.

B: Purchase a Thuraya SatSleeve

A Thuraya SatSleeve can turn your iPhone into a satellite phone. This means you can access the internet, update your blog, or call home via satellite without waiting for the next village.

C: Purchase a messaging-enabled GPS Device

Consider a messaging-enabled GPS device, like the Garmin InReach Mini. This compact, reasonably priced device allows you to send and receive GPS location messages, even from remote mountain areas of Pakistan where your cell phone might not work.

Don’t Forget Your Solar Charger

A solar charger could be a lifesaver when the electricity supply is unreliable or unavailable.

Charging Devices

Solar Charger: Your Best Bet

A solar charger is your best friend in remote areas of Pakistan where the electricity supply can be unreliable. Portable solar chargers, like Goal Zero, are popular for expeditions.

Final Words

Research thoroughly, consider your options, and remember to carry all necessary plugs and adapters. Your choice of communication method will make your trip to Pakistan’s mountains a lot smoother and safer. Safe travels!

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