Visa Officially Inaugurated its New Office in Pakistan

Visa Officially Inaugurated its New Office in Pakistan
Visa Officially Inaugurated its New Office in Pakistan

Visa, the world’s most extensive payment network, has opened a new office in Pakistan. This move aims to enhance its recruitment strategy and contribute to the country’s digital commerce goals. The workspace is thoughtfully designed to support a flexible work approach, reflecting Visa’s commitment to attracting and retaining top talent in Pakistan.

Year over year, there’s been a significant increase of 15% in the number of Visa employees in North Africa, Levant, and Pakistan (NALP) region.

Visa is partnering with local banks, businesses, and fintech to design and offer payment solutions that Pakistani customers need. With the region shifting swiftly from cash to digital payments, Visa aims to drive digital commerce to benefit consumers, businesses, and the broader Pakistani economy.

Umar S. Khan, Visa’s Country Manager for Pakistan, explained that the organization aims to offer easy, secure, and efficient in-person and online commerce options, working closely with its clients and partners.
By opening its new office, Visa is well-positioned to foster innovation and launch digital payment solutions that respond to the evolving needs of Pakistani customers and businesses.

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