What To Wear | Pakistan Travel Tips Blog – 2023

What To Wear Pakistan Travel Tips Blog - 2023
What To Wear Pakistan Travel Tips Blog - 2023

What To Wear | Pakistan Travel Tips Blog – 2023: Pakistan is a country with a deep-rooted tradition. Hence, avoid wearing short tops, mini skirts, shorts, or clothes that reveal too much of your body. Instead, consider wearing the local attire, a shalwar kameez. This long tunic top and loose pants set are easily available at any market. Choose long, loose pants and full-sleeved shirts or t-shirts for a comfortable journey. Wear full-sleeved clothes as they protect against sunburn and mosquito bites. Clothes made of light wool are recommended, as they regulate body temperature and absorb sweat. Remember to pack a sunhat for the summer, and an umbrella can be handy during rain or shine. Protect your skin with good-quality sunscreen and sunglasses. A travel jacket, such as the SCOTTeVEST travel jacket, with multiple pockets and removable sleeves, is a good choice.

What To Wear

Prepare for the Climate

Pakistan experiences hot weather from April to October. Pack light cotton clothes and avoid synthetic material to prevent skin allergies and heat burns. The winter months from November to February can be quite chilly, so carry warmer clothes. The Weather+ app is a handy tool for accurate 6-day weather forecasts to help you pack accordingly.

Dressing Up for Different Regions

The climate in Pakistan can vary drastically based on the region. Islamabad can get as hot as 43C in May, while the Shandur Pass may experience temperatures as low as -5C. Be sure to check the forecast for your destination and time of travel. Dress in layers to cope with these temperature variations.

Choosing the Right Shoes for Pakistan

Pack sturdy shoes, as your feet will be exposed to dust and dirt during your travels. Brands like Hotter Shoes offer comfortable and stylish options. Pair these with Thorlos hiking socks designed for all climates.

Dress Code for Women

Women should ensure that their clothes cover their shoulders and knees. Wear a cotton shirt or t-shirt with cotton pants or a long skirt and use a sarong to cover your shoulders. Remove your footwear before entering any religious place. Carry a light pashmina or scarf for head cover, which is necessary at certain religious places and helpful in intense heat.

Dress Code for Men

Men should wear loose cotton shirts or T-shirts and long linen pants. A travel jacket with multiple pockets like the SCOTTeVEST range is an excellent choice.

Essential Items for Your Pakistan Trip

Apart from deciding what to wear in Pakistan, it is also crucial to carry vital travel accessories. Keep an ample supply of insect/mosquito repellent. Toilet facilities might be basic, so carry your toilet paper and anti-bacterial handwash. Carry a microfiber travel towel and toiletries in case you are staying in basic accommodation. Other recommended items include a small medical kit, a sewing repair kit, and a torch. Do not drink tap water or use it for brushing your teeth. Instead, consider carrying a LifeStraw Filtration Water Bottle. A soft-sided rucksack is more practical for traveling in the country, and packing cubes can keep your belongings tidy. Avoid excess baggage fees by using an accurate luggage scale. Leave space for souvenirs like leather goods and embroidered table linen, bedspreads, and shawls. A fold-away day sack can carry your essentials on day trips. A solar-powered charger can be a good backup for your battery. You might need a travel adapter plug and a voltage converter for electrical devices if your devices are incompatible with the local voltage (230V).

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